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All requests to the Tines REST API require authentication.

Generate API Token#

From your Tines profile, select "API Tokens" and press the "New api token" button.


Enter a recognizable name for the token, e.g.: the application or service name that will leverage the token. Click "Generate".

Using an API Token#

Each request sent to the REST API must be authenticated using the API token and corresponding email address. To do so, include the following HTTP Headers with each request:

  • X-User-Token
  • X-User-Email

For example:

curl -X GET https://<tenant-domain>/api/v1/events/ \  -H 'content-type: application/json' \  -H 'x-user-email:' \  -H 'x-user-token: sdfj23jsdfkj3cou0'