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It's common for teams to use the same piece of information in multiple actions. For example, the URL of a Jira project, or a list of known-good domains. If this information is stored directly inside the actions' options and it changes (a new known-good domain is added), every action will need to be updated individually. Resources provide a way to store information in a single, centralized location, so it can then be accessed from any action.

Resources are similar to global variables in software development and can be used in a similar way to text credentials.

Sharing a Resource

Resources will, by default, only be accessible to the Team they are created within. Resources can be configured to be shared with all other teams in the tenant by selecting the 'Everyone' access option.

Sharing A Resource

Resources with the same name as Resources shared across multiple Teams will use the Resource located within the same Team as the Story.


The below action config shows a resource being used in a HTTP Request Action.

"url": "{{ RESOURCE.tines_jira_url }}",
"content_type": "json",
"method": "POST",
"payload": {
"serviceDeskId": "48",
"requestTypeId": "586",
"requestFieldValues": {
"summary": "New ticket title",
"description": "Here's some important"
"basic_auth": "{{ .CREDENTIAL.jira_crew_security }}"

When the above action runs, the resource placeholder will be replaced by the contents stored in the tines_jira_url resource.