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The REST API exposes a number of endpoints providing programmatic access to Tines data and functionality.

Accessing the API

The REST API takes the form of the following URL:https://<tenant-domain>/api/v1/<api-endpoint>

For <tenant-domain>, you can copy the domain that's visible in your web browser when you're navigating our UI. For our cloud users this will be similar to either


Requests that return multiple items, e.g.: events and actions, will be paginated to 20 items by default. You can specify further pages with the ?page parameter. In addition, you can set a custom page size with the ?per_page parameter.

curl 'https://<tenant-domain>/api/v1/events?page=2&per_page=100'

The 'meta' object

When pagination of items occurs, an object named "meta" will be included in the response body. This object contains the following information:

  • current_page: A link to the current page of results.
  • previous_page: A link to the previous page of results (if available).
  • next_page: A link to the next page of results (if available).
  • per_page: The number of items returned per page.
  • pages: The number of pages available.
  • count: The total number of items returned by the request.

A sample response including the meta object is shown below:

"agents": [...],
"meta": {
"current_page": "https://<tenant-domain>/api/v1/agents?page=1&per_page=20",
"previous_page": null,
"next_page": "https://<tenant-domain>/api/v1/agents?page=2&per_page=20",
"per_page": 20,
"pages": 13,
"count": 242