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Actions are the core component of Tines and are the building blocks of automation stories. Actions can be configured to perform a variety of tasks, for example: receiving alerts from 3rd-party systems, sending/receiving emails, and interacting with REST APIs. They receive and emit events, and can run on a schedule or upon receiving an event.

Action Types

There are seven types of actions. Each action type is designed to perform a specific action. Each action type can receive and emit events to other action types. The action types and a brief description of their function is shown below, for a detailed description of each action, see their dedicated article.

Action TypeFunction
Email ActionThe Email action sends emails to recipients specified in the action options
Event Transformation ActionThe Event Transformation action has several modes that modify the contents of received Events
HTTP Request ActionThe HTTP Request action sends HTTP requests using a variety of Methods to a specified url
IMAP ActionThe IMAP action emits Events when it detects new emails on an IMAP server
Trigger ActionThe Trigger action compares the contents of a field from an incoming Event with predefined rules, when the rules match, an Event emit is triggered
Webhook ActionThe Webhook action will emit Events it receives through Webhooks (HTTP callbacks)
Send to Story ActionThe Send to Story action sends events to another Tines story (the sub-story). After the sub-story has completed its action, the Send to Story action will emit an event.